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Welcome to the Job Seeker's Workshop.

Here you'll learn what you need to know about choosing a career which suits you, and then how to prepare your entire job application so you get the job you're after!

First developed on the Internet in 1995 by experienced Career Counsellors, the Job Seeker's Workshop is a set of self-help tools to make your career planning and job search more successful.

It's best if you just start at the first topic, and then work through the rest in sequence...

* When choosing a career, find a job which suits you!
Whether you're looking for work in an engineering career, a computer job, a military career, or some other hot job, your job search will be flawed if you seek the wrong job!
* Get job and course information together.
When thinking about careers, it's easy to think of those we might have day to day contact with. But, for good career planning, it's important you find out about as many jobs as possible.
* Getting your résumé ready
Want to know how to write a Resume which will get attention??? Resume writing is not that simple, and our sample resumes illustrate what the basic resume format should be like!
* Finding jobs
Don't know where to begin your job search? Start here for hints on how to find those positions vacant!
* Preparing your job applications
Want to know how to write job applications which get attention??? Find out how to write an effective application by looking at ones that don't work!
* Get ready for your job interview!
It takes a lot of hard work to score a job interview... so don't blow it!

* But wait... There's more!
Our collection of recommended Job Search, Career and Employment Links