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There are many things about application letters which can be a "turn-off' for an employer, apart from the NUMBER of applications they may receive, and the fact that so many of these are almost IDENTICAL.

One of the best ways to find out what makes an application letter good,
is to look closely at what makes them BAD.

The following advertisement is for a Junior Clerk's position:

JUNIOR CLERK - We req. an enthus. jun. asst. (16-18) for our office in inner subs. This is a perm. posn. with v.good career opp. Attract. sal. and conds. No exp. nec. but some bckgd in gen. office duties an advant. Training provided for right person. Please apply in own handwriting and send copies of refs. to:
Personnel Officer
Uneedus Employers
P.O. Box 136
Closing date: 18th September

Cast your critical eye over these applications that were received for this job advertisement... and "pick 'em to pieces"!!!
Links to sample applications open in new window

From the selected replies received above you must choose ONE applicant for an interview.

Before giving your reasons why that one is better, you have to:
  • draw up a LIST of at least 15 things that are WRONG with the other letters, and

  • draw up a list of all the GOOD points you can find from the other letters.
Once you have completed your lists, you should make sure that when you write an application letter that you include some of the good points, and definitely AVOID the bad ones!

NOTE: These examples have all been typed so that you can see them here... however, the handwritten applications are shown in italics

So... which applicant got the job? What good and bad points could we find?
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