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* Job Applications

Want to know how to write job applications which will get attention???

The VERY FIRST thing you should do is get your résumé ready BEFORE you apply for any jobs!

Once you've done that, find out how to write an effective job application!

Begin with the first item, and work through the rest in sequence...

  1. The "Real" Job Application Process

  2. Good and Bad examples

  3. What about these "features"

  4. Our comments on those "features"

  5. More examples

  6. Application Forms

  7. Rules for Forms

  8. Telephone Applications

  9. Why not Advertise Yourself?

  10. Why Approach Employers?

  11. Writing to Employers

  12. Visiting Employers

  13. offsitelink Australian Job Vacancies

it's time to sell yourself successfully in an interview!