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The more the merrier... If you study the following examples you should get a better idea of what a good application letter should look like.

Maybe you could even try to write your own application for each advertisement.

NOTE: the résumés aren't shown here because you have seen them earlier in the section on Résumés.



We have a vacancy for a young person who is interested in a sheet metal apprenticeship. The School Certificate is essential with good results in Technical Drawing, and at least Grade 3 in Mathematics.

Interested persons should telephone the Personnel Department for more information on 65 4123 ext 28, and written applications should be addressed to:

Mr J. Tompkins
Personnel Manager,
Brown's Air Systems,
P.O. Box 711,

                                                       20 Bridge Road
                                                      BILLABONG. 2222
                                                   24th January, 2016

Mr J. Tompkins,
Personnel Manager,
Brown's Air Systems,
P.0. Box 711,

Dear Sir,

      I would like to be considered for the position of apprentice sheet 
metal worker advertised in the 'Weekly Blah' on the 23rd January, 2016.

       I have attached my personal résumé, which outlines details of my 
education, experience and personal information.

       For the past three years I did Technics as an elective at school, and 
I found the metal work and the drawing very interesting. I became even 
more interested in sheet metal work after reading about the work and 
visiting some local factories with the school. After having two weeks 
work experience with G .B. Melon P/L (Sheet Metal Division), I am now 
sure that sheet metal work would be the job I'd like.

       I will be available to come in for an interview at any time 
convenient to you. I can be contacted at home on 661098.

                                                   Yours faithfully,


                                                      (Pat BOOTH)

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