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8. Telephone Applications

Look over a selection of the "Positions Vacant" advertisements contained in your local paper.

You'll notice that a large number of them ask applicants to apply for the job by telephone.

It can be VERY EASY for you to make a poor impression on the telephone,
especially when you have no visual idea of how your message is being received
(as you might have when you are face to face with someone).

The most important thing to do before you rush off and make a phone call, is to thoroughly prepare:
1. your opening line/s
2. your answers to possible questions, and
3. some questions to ask.

ALSO, make sure you have copy of your résumé handy!

It is truly amazing how many people can forget simple information such as their age, phone number or address, when they are under the stress of a telephone interview, and having your résumé handy will certainly help you in such a situation!

Sample Conversations...

The next page shows some telephone conversations that took place between the Personnel Officer of a firm looking for Junior Clerk, and several applicants.

As you read through them, look for the good and bad aspects of each applicant's delivery.

Check out these sample phone conversations
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