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1. Choosing

* Choosing A Career

6. Attitudes - Pt 1

A common reason given to dismiss people is that they "don't have the right attitude."

What does this mean? What would be looked at by the boss in determining a person's attitude?

What attitudes do you have which could have an effect on the type of job you should do?

CIRCLE those words that apply to you now.
UNDERLINE those words that you would like to apply to you.

My attitude to WORK usually is:

slack, dedicated, disorganised, efficient, keen, effective, ambitious, industrious, innovative, hard working, hyperactive, persistent, uncaring, sincere, academic, practical, responsible, lazy, businesslike, flippant, mature, bored, organised, positive, punctual, reliable, immature, adaptable, negative.

My attitude to my FRIENDS/WORKMATES usually is:

cooperative, cheesed off, aloof, independent, superior, inferior, equal, competitive, thoughtful, sympathetic, inspiring, caring, racist, bored, irritable, protective, helpful, shy, quarrelsome, tolerant, friendly, trusting, polite, moody, pushy, aggressive, supportive, sexist.

My attitude to AUTHORITY usually is:

dependable, rebellious, angry, subservient, scared, eager to please, stubborn, loyal, crawler, cautious, suspicious, happy, argumentative, sneaky, open, assertive, passive, aggressive, tolerant, proud, cynical.

What do your answers to these exercises indicate to you, about you?

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