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1. Choosing

* Choosing A Career

Firstly... make sure you have looked at the exercise "Decisions... Decisions..."

16. Now...
help yourself.

Write down YOUR story, and then answer these questions again...

  • do you know enough about yourself - your interests, abilities, personality, etc.?

  • have you enough information about the options you are considering (work and study)?

  • have you sought the advice of other people?

  • are you taking into account only present considerations, or are you thinking of the future?

  • have you reached a decision yourelf, or have you been forced into it in some way?

Has your decision been affected by:

  • what your friends think of your actions?

  • the expectations of your parents?

  • probably incorrect information which "someone" has told you?

  • trouble with, or a dislike of, your present situation?

  • little or no guidance from others?

  • taking the "easy" way out?

  • traditional stereotypes i.e. "that's no job for a girl"?

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