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1. Choosing

* Choosing A Career

4. Physical Features - Pt 1

Can you work out why the following advertisements (based on physical ability) are unrealistic?

Give some reasons why advertisements like these would not be used by employers.

WANTED: Young female, age 15-17 1/2, needed to assist in store. Must be built like a truck to handle very large packages. Good vision not essential, but someone with good hearing preferred (you can hear fork-lift trucks before you see them). Applicant should have no history of colds, flu, broken limbs or 'Mondayitis'. Apply, with medical history to .....

YOUNG PERSON: Upper age limit - 20 years, to assist plumber. Must be under 55kg and less than 150cm tall, with excellent night vision & hearing. Must also be good at working in confined spaces, and obeying instructions yelled at him/her. Must also be a Transylvanian immigrant as boss speaks no English. Apply in person to...

What about you?

Mark with an "X" where your physical features rate between each of the extremes listed (P.S. try to be honest!)

well groomed messy
tall short
fat thin
attractive ugly
strong back weak back
healthy unhealthy
good stamina lacking stamina
excellent vision blind as a bat
good colour vision colour blind
fit unfit
weak strong
needs little sleep needs a lot of sleep
deaf great hearing
good ear for pitch tone deaf
inexhaustible easily exhausted
well coordinated badly coordinated
left handed right handed
allergic to things no allergies
heat resistant wilts with heat
high blood pressure low blood pressure
strong stomach weak stomach
clear speech unclear speech
good sense of smell no sense of smell
good sense of taste poor sense of taste
affected by air conditioning unaffected by
air conditioning
Are there any other special physical features about you which haven't been included in this list?

Can you name some different jobs which you would need (or not need) each of these physical features for.

More on physical features...

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