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1. Choosing

* Choosing A Career

8. Values - Pt 2


Using the values listed below, indicate how important each of them are to you using the scale:
Very Important    Important    Neutral    Unimportant    Very Unimportant
  • Justice (fairness, honesty)
  • Intelligence (ability to understand)
  • Wealth (material comfort and security)
  • Friendship (trust, companionship)
  • Excitement (adventure, travel, interest)
  • Social Recognition (respect, admiration, fame, status)
  • Achievement (contribution to society)
  • Eternal Life (Heaven, life after death)
  • Peace (freedom from war and personal conflict)
  • Pleasure ( enjoyment, comfort)
  • Beauty (appreciation of nice things)
  • Security (personal and national protection)
  • Equality ( opportunity for everyone)
  • Love (closeness, intimacy, self-giving)
  • Family (security, care, closeness)
  • Peace of Mind (freedom from inner conflict)
  • Self-Determination (power to control own life)
  • Happiness (satisfaction, joy, contentment)
  • Self Respect (pride, confidence In yourself)
  • Authority (total order, confidence in leadership)
  • Environment (appreciation of nature)
  • Freedom (power to do what you want to do)
  • Learning and growing as a person
  • Service (giving/doing to others)
  • Popularity (being liked, respected)
  • Belonging (being accepted by others, not isolated)
  • Glamour (attractive lifestyle, excitement, not mundane)
  • Power (able to make changes, influence, control)
  • Stability (lack of sudden unexpected changes)
  • Comfort (ease, pleasure, relaxation)


    1. Of those values which you said were very important to you, which TEN are most important?
      Rank them in order of importance from 1 to 10.

    2. Look at the values you said were very unimportant to you. Rank the TEN which are of least importance to you.

    3. Do you think that there are some jobs you just couldn't do because of what you believe? Try to name at least five jobs which would fit this description.

    4. How important do you think it is to do a job which satisfies your values?
      Is it equally important to make sure that the job you are doing doesn't only just satisfy your "least important" values?

    How important are values in the workplace?

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