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1. Choosing

* Choosing A Career

2. Who or What am I ?

I am a crazy mixture of past experiences, present feelings and future hopes.

MY PAST - WHAT HAS LIFE TAUGHT ME ? - My memories, experiences, failures, achievements, qualifications, growth

The PRESENT- WHO AM I ? - My physical features, skills, values, interests, abilities, personality, attitudes

MY FUTURE - WHERE DO I WANT TO GO ? - My visions, fears, predictions, goals

And, on top of all that, I am also a collection of physical, emotional, intellectual and social characteristics.

The more I understand myself, the closer I am to self-acceptance, and of making decisions which I will be happy with.

Discovering who I am is a process which will continue all my life.

This means that it is good for me to regularly have a think about who I am, what I want, what I am good at, what I am afraid of, what I need, and what makes me happy.

Reflecting on particular incidents can be very valuable to me to help discover these things. And I can also get help by talking to my friends and to my family.

Some honest "soul searching" is a necessary start to career decision making - helping you to work out what you want and don't want, and pointing you in the direction in which you should be heading rather than wandering around lost and bumping into dead ends.

Maybe some of these exercises will launch
you on your voyage of self discovery -


Who Am I ?

Take several pieces of paper and write your name at the top left hand side of each page.

On each page write one of the names from the list below at the top of each page. You should now write down on each page, what you think each of these people think ABOUT YOU.

Mother, father, brothers, sisters, girl/boy friend. teacher/boss, a close friend, an enemy, your doctor, sporting coach or captain, a stranger you met at a party, your 6th class teacher, you in a good mood, you in a bad mood, your spouse (husband or wife) in 10 years time, your workmates in 10 years time.


What past experiences have you had which might affect your choice of careers?

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