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2. Alternative Thinking

You should try to think of other jobs which may be in a similar field to the one you want, just in case you are not successful in getting THE job you are after.

Think about the type of workplace you'd like to work in, and list all the different occupations that might be available there.

Have you thought about doing any of these jobs?

What jobs are you likely to find in a:
  • supermarket
  • bank
  • building site
  • newspaper office
  • clothing factory
  • hospital
Help these people with their "other" possibilities.

Try to list at least THREE jobs for each one.

PHYLL wants to be a motor mechanic, but is worried about not doing well enough at school. What other jobs could Phyll consider doing in a service station or with a car dealer?

JAY was interested in some sort of career with finance, because the work involved both helping and being with people, and dealing with numbers. What jobs might suit Jay in a finance company or in a banking house?

OPERATING the checkout wasn't Terry's idea of the perfect job. But, it could eventually lead to a promotion to a more responsible position in retailing. What jobs might Terry be looking for in a large supermarket and variety store?

FILING, filing and more filing was getting Jo down. The only good thing about the job was the other workers. Jo didn't realise that once you've shown that you can handle the basics, there are plenty of opportunities open to you in clerical work. What other jobs are there in a large office?

THE ability to string words together so they made sense wasn't one of Lee's great points, so a job as a journalist was out. However, Lee was very keen on the "excitement" of working for a newspaper, and desperately wanted a job in that area. What jobs are there with a large newspaper?

ALL aspects of building and construction appealed to Rob, right up from the design stage. Not being too brilliant however, Rob definitely wasn't right for the really "big" jobs, but straight labouring wasn't too thrilling either. What jobs could Rob be looking at on a construction site?

JASONNE wanted to care for sick people in some way, but wasn't quite sure what to do. The latest school report showed some pretty awful marks - definitely not too encouraging to consider a career in nursing, but Jasonne felt that some job in a hospital would be ideal. What jobs should Jasonne consider doing in a small private hospital, or a large public hospital?

Think about how the changes in supply and demand for jobs might affect you.

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