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When thinking about careers, it's easy to limit your thinking to just those you might have day to day contact with.

In fact, when pushed, most people can NOT quickly name 10 jobs in just ten seconds.

However, for good career planning, it's important you find out about as many jobs as possible... One of those jobs you don't know about right now, might be just the one that really suits you!

Simply begin with the first item, and work through the rest in sequence to broaden your career horizons a little more...
  1. Introduction - why all the fuss?
  2. Alternative Thinking
  3. Supply & Demand Factors
  4. Education Levels
  5. Questions to Ask
  6. Job Study Page
  7. Apprenticeships
  8. What's the Difference?
  9. Have you heard of these ones?
  10. Jobs which WON'T suit you!
  11. Match these up
  12. Match these as well
  13. Jobs by Industry Groups
  14. Other occupational groups

You WILL need to access detailed information about each of the jobs you are interested in.

USA visitors should access job descriptions from the offsitelink US Occupational Outlook Handbook. These are arranged alphabetically or by occupational cluster (groups). While there... make sure you check out the Tomorrow's Jobs section for a sneak peak into the future...

Australian visitors should look at this list of offsitelink jobs organised by interest area or visit offsitelink MyFuture.edu.au (click on The Facts once there) to see wealth of information about work and employment, as well as lists of occupations described alphabetically or by industry group.

By now, you should have a really good idea of what sort of job you want!

*The next step...
Get your resume together...
(Do that before you start your job search)