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Shown below is another way of grouping occupations into different categories.

For each group, try to name FIVE different occupations which would belong to that group (For groups marked ** you should be able to name TEN occupations).

NOTE: Try not to use the same job title more than once.

  • Jobs with Animals
  • Artistic/Creative Jobs
  • Building - Design and Construction - Jobs**
  • Jobs with Cars and Transport**
  • Clothing and Footwear Jobs
  • Driving Jobs
  • Electrical/Electronic Jobs
  • Engineering and Mining Jobs**
  • Horticultural and Rural Jobs
  • Maths and Computing Jobs
  • Jobs with the Media
  • Medical/Health Jobs**
  • Metal Work and Printing .Jobs**
  • Office and Clerical Jobs
  • People and Welfare Jobs
  • Sales Jobs**
  • Science Jobs**
  • Service Jobs**
  • Teaching and Literary Jobs
  • Woodworking Jobs

Additional categories to think of could include:
  • Jobs with Food
  • Management/Administration Jobs
  • Sporting Jobs

Of the job titles you've listed, CIRCLE the ones which you think you might have the ability to do AND/OR you are interested in.

What does this suggest to you (if anything)?

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start to get your resume together.

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