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In any interview, you are expected to ask questions of the interviewer.

An interview is not just a place where they try to find out if you are suited to the job, but also for you to find out if the job suits you.

The only way to do that is to ask sensible questions - don't just sit there as if you know everything!

Which of these are good questions to ask in an interview?

At what stage of the interview
- start, middle, end, other
should you ask questions? Why?

Could you rephrase any of the "not so good" questions included below?
  1. What type of salary goes with the job?
  2. What's the boss like?
  3. Would the job involve much travelling?
  4. How much does the Managing Director get?
  5. What's the latest in office gossip?
  6. How quickly could I get to the top?
  7. Should I join a union?
  8. Do you mind much if employees are late for work?
  9. What type of inservice training do you have?
  10. Will I have time off to attend any lectures?
Try to add AT LEAST 5 more questions you could ask.

Here's a link to 200 good questions people could ask in a job interview!

Careful what you DON'T say... your body says just as much as what your mouth can!
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