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Each of the ten situations shown below are best avoided in a job interview as they are likely to create the wrong impression (see statement 'a' for each situation).

If your reasons for not "performing" properly are those stated at 'b' or 'c', what would be the best way of "saving" the situation?

1. Didn't have a good reason for wanting the job

a. doesn't really care about getting the job
b. I had one, but it came out wrong
c. I've run out of reasons after applying for so many jobs

2. Didn't have sensible questions ready to ask

a. doesn't show interest in the job or firm
b. couldn't think of them at the right time
c. lost my list of questions somewhere

3. Didn't bring along the originals of documents

a. careless - might be hiding something?
b. I was in a big rush and I just forgot
c. spilt coffee over everything at breakfast

4. Didn't find out much about the job or firm beforehand

a. not really interested in working for us
b. I tried but couldn't find out much
c. Ohh.. I didn't realise that I could have

5. Doesn't answer questions well

a. not well prepared. . . doesn't care about job
b. I have trouble getting my thoughts organised
c. I'm not too good talking to strangers

6. Didn't ask any questions

a. either poorly prepared or a 'know-it-all'
b. I should've - the interview is also for me to find out if the job is suitable to me
c. I had them ready, but I was too nervous to ask them

7. Just answered YES/NO to all my questions

a. seemed bored, couldn't start a conversation
b. I thought they only wanted a YES/NO answer
c. it was difficult to give more than a YES/NO answer the way those questions were asked

8. Couldn't get my name right

a. stupid so-and-so. . . what's so hard about Schepseter?
b. I tried hard but I just couldn't get it right
c. I couldn't work out what it was when I was introduced

9. Kept asking me about the same things all the time

a. can't they remember what they're told?
b. I had trouble understanding what was said
c. I was still unclear on a few things

10. Always spoke very softly-didn't speak up

a. very quiet person . . . is that what we want?
b. I'm naturally a quiet person
c. I wasn't confident enough to say what I thought

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