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Even without saying anything, we are able to communicate a lot of information to other people.

The way we walk, sit, stand, hold our hands, use facial expressions and hand gestures, and what we wear, can tell a trained observer quite a bit about what type of person we are.

Look closely at each situation listed below.

Answer 'a' is one meaning that could be communicated non-verbally to an interviewer.

If the other reasons applied to you in such a situation, how would you go about (convincingly) telling the interviewer what is actually happening?

1. Wore good jeans to an interview

a. doesn't care much for an office position
b. best pants that the person owns
c. the good pants have a busted zipper

2. Just had a haircut the day before the interview

a. normally not so tidy - had haircut just for interview
b. had to get the chunk of chewy out somehow
c. has one every six weeks-including yesterday

3. Arrived late

a. normally arrives late
b. the bus broke down
c. got caught in heavy traffic

4. Wore brand new clothes to the interview

a. done especially to impress us? Hmmm . . .
b. had to buy something that was good enough to wear
c. I like to look good in new clothes all the time

5. Very nervous and can't calm down

a. not prepared . . . too jittery to work for us
b. I'm prepared . . . but I just can't beat the nerves
c. wouldn't you be if the lift got stuck?

6. Doesn't really appear positive and keen

a. doesn't seem interested enough in the job
b. I know I haven't got a chance anyway
c. I'm trying to appear that way, but it's not working

7. Didn't sit straight in chair

a. lazy . . . wouldn't work in an iron lung
b. I've got this back problem . . .
c. these chairs are terribly uncomfortable

8. Didn't look at interviewer - gazed out the window all the time

a. very shy-or have they got something to hide?
b. the view over the park is just terrific!
c. yuk! . . . What an ugly person!

9. Only occasionally looked at me

a. why are they trying to ignore me?
b. it's a bit hard looking at all three interviewers at once
c. it embarrasses me to look directly at people

10. Appeared to be too friendly

a. too easy-going, has little respect for authority
b. I may have overdone the 'be confident' approach
c. I'm normally easy-going-I'll talk to anyone

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