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9. Email Bloopers =
Costly Job Hunt Disasters

Many people make very simple, basic mistakes with their email address which could prove costly in their job hunt!

If you are using the Internet to look for work, what hope have you got if you can't get your email address correct?

To give you a few examples of mistakes that people are making, using MY email address of stephen@jobseekersworkshop.com as an example.

  1. have you exceeded your email quota or disk space allowed, with your ISP? If so, your mail will be bounced!

  2. putting www in front of their email address -
    e.g. www.stephen@jobseekersworkshop.com The www. is (usually) reserved for web sites.

  3. putting the wrong country code -
    e.g. stephen@jobseekersworkshop.com.au is a totally different address and will never find me!

    Quite often this is happening with HOTMAIL accounts - e.g. there is NO hotmail.com.au

  4. omitting the country/domain code altogether -
    e.g. stephen@jobseekersworkshop just doesn't exist!

  5. omitting the "dots" -
    e.g. stephen@jobseekersworkshopcom just doesn't exist. It is SO-O-O easy to put the dots in the wrong place

  6. changing the Letter Case of your user name
    e.g. Stephen@jobseekersworkshop.com is NOT the same address as stephen@jobseekersworkshop.com and could even be another person.

    By the way, the domain name part of your email address is NOT case sensitive. I can use JobSeekersWorkshop.com or jobseekersworkshop.com or any other combination, and it WILL find me... strange eh!

  7. getting the domain name completely wrong... even leaving it out! Check your spelling!

  8. and my favourite... using weird names in your email address! You might think it funny to have "sexychickybabe@yourdomain.com" as your email address... but I'm sure it doesn't do your chances of getting a job any good! Keep the "funny" names for personal mail.

How to make sure it doesn't happen to you

Check with your mail host or dial-up ISP EXACTLY what your email address is.

Then, when typing your email address into boxes on web sites, make sure it is EXACTLY the same as above BEFORE you hit the submit button.

Why am I telling you this???

Simply so you don't miss out on any opportunities!

Many web based services rely on you providing your correct email address when you register for that service, or subscribe to relevant newsletters.

In many cases, you won't even get passed the first step, because you'll never receive the email which was sent for you to confirm your address! MANY web sites now use that trick to save false email registrations.

Also, tell your friends these finer points so they don't make the same boo-boos!

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