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8. Using the Internet
in your Job Search

Well there's no doubt at all that the Internet has made a big difference in the search for jobs online. There are now literally thousands, if not millions of jobs being advertised on a whole range of web sites all over the country and around the world.

But having all this information at your fingertips is not necessarily a good thing. Sure... it's great to be able to hit the databases of government and privately run employment agencies from the comfort of your own home...

Provided you are aware of a few important things...

  1. It's very important that you use ALL the avenues available to you to find work - don't just rely on the Internet!

    While many employers and agencies do use the internet to find job applicants, many more continue to use traditional methods as well as (or even instead of) the internet.

  2. When you apply for a job over the Internet, as in real life, your application must stand out from the crowd if you are to be noticed.

    Many job seekers are using the 'net to find work, so you have lots of competition! And because employers and agencies use advanced technology (such as keyword scanning) to assist processing applications, you better ensure that each application is 100% perfect!

  3. If you must use an email address at hotmail or some other free email site, please... choose a sensible email address.

    What sort of impression does an email address of sexychickybabe@yourdomain.com make?

    Here are more common problems with email addresses which can become costly job hunt disasters!

  4. You might think you can use the Internet and spam it to send your templated job application out to 100's of employers/agencies by using email!

    Short answer on that - DON'T!

    Employers can tell whether applications have been written TO them, or whether they're a broadcast letter.

  5. Many companies have a web site. Make sure you check out the company web site before submitting your job application.

    You might find some information which could improve your job application, or you might find you really don't want to work for that company at all. It's certainly worth a look!

  6. My favourite... Nothing beats the personal approach!

    The world of computers and Internet is extremely IMpersonal... if you MUST lodge an online application, then make sure you follow up with a phone call, or even snail mail your application off to them.

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