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7. Your Network...
Friends & Relatives

Make up a list of all the people you know who might be of some use to you when you are looking for a job.

Remember that it is very true and more than likely that "who" you know will be more important than "what" you know.

In your list, include family, friends, relatives, neighbours, old employers, etc., and find out where they work and what type of jobs might be available there that you could do.

Perhaps you could even give them a copy of your résumé to help "remind" them of your job search and special skills.

This "networking" process is probably one of THE most successful ways to find a job!

It is important though that you stay in constant touch with the people in your network.... (hassle them enough and they might find you a job to get you off their backs...)!

Not really... but is is important to stay in touch with them, especially if you get more "leads" or contacts that you can add to your network.

Remember that it is very true that "WHO" you know will be more important than "what" you know.

Let's look at the biggest network of them all... The Internet!
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