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* Résumés

Want to know how to write a Resume which will get attention???

Resume writing is not that simple, and our sample resumes illustrate what the basic resume format should be like!

Please Note:
The information contained in this section is very basic and is aimed at school leavers/university graduates who have never written a resume.

That said... it would still be valuable for people of any age to work through the material.

Again, begin with the first item, and work through the rest in sequence...
  1. Introducing Resumes
  2. Identifying your skills
  3. Proving your Skills
  4. Inexperienced? Not Me!
  5. The BASIC Resume outline
  6. Uses for A Resume
  7. A Sample Resume
  8. More Samples
  9. Skills Based Resume Format

  10. Resume Action Words

    Once you've got a better idea of what to put in your Resume,

  11. try our Résumé Generator to help you create a winning Resume!

* After that...
it's time to look for those jobs!